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Magirus AirCore Firefighting Vehicle

by Greg Preston
Magirus AirCore Firefighting Vehicle

Increasing challenges in the field of firefighting and smoke control require new solutions. The Magirus AirCore Firefighting Vehicle is a new firefighting technology for industrial fires, tunnel fires and forest fires. The unique turbine is capable of / to obscure an amount of water of up to 1.500 L min fine, achieving casting distance of 65 m. Magirus AirCore achieves a significant higher cooling performance than conventional firefighting equipment while reducing water consumption at the same time.

The fire-fighting turbine on the Magirus AirCore Firefighting Vehicle is very efficient for big fires and big surface, especially liquid fires. It binds gasses and smoke and improves the visibility and safety. Furthermore this special vehicle provides much faster heat absorption compared to current methods and is easy and safe in use. Further advantage of the Magirus AirCore is its maintenance friendliness.


  • Water / Foam tank
  • Foam systems
  • Light mast
  • Lifting platform
  • All versions are also available on other chassis types
  • Airtubes
  • Further options on request

The Concept of the Aircore

  • Flexible centre nozzle choice
  • Radial nozzle capacity 1,000 l/min
  • Center nozzle capacity 500 l (spray nozzles) / 2,500 l/min (spray jet / full jet)
  • Total water flow capacity up to 3,500 l/min
  • Electric or hydraulic drive
  • 2 sizes available: S15 or M25
  • Up to 80 m throwing distance
  • 8-12 bar operational pressure, max. 16 bar
  • Foam agent application possible (0,5 / 1 %)
  • Remot controle possible
  • Electrical adjustment of the centre nozzle to spray jet / full jet
  • Compact dimensions

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