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by Marcus
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Telephone: +49 (0) 9131 698 0    Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

Head Office:  Weinstrasse 39, Erlangen, 91058, Germany

Since the late 1940s, LUKAS Hydraulik has been manufacturing pioneering hydraulic products in Erlangen, Germany. Initially, these were exclusively for industrial applications, but they were soon followed by the first rescue tools.

LUKAS first hydraulic cutter

In 1972 LUKAS was the first supplier to develop a hydraulic cutter for rescue work, laying the foundation stone for an entire branch of business.

Since 1948 LUKAS Hydraulik has produced hydraulic products for a wide range of applications. Today, you can benefit from these years of experience.

With the innovative rescue tools from LUKAS, you can work more safely, quickly and reliably.

They are a match for the latest developments in the automotive industry – today, and tomorrow.


LUKAS rescue equipment speeds up your rescues through ease of use and high performance. Its superior performance becomes clear when you most need it – on the job. With eDRAULIC, you can rescue with unbeatable speed.


The safety of the rescuer and the injured person always has top priority. That is why we develop high-performance products for you, which are easy to use and thought through, right down to the last detail.


Rescue equipment must always work perfectly. In 1972 LUKAS was the first manufacturer to produce a hydraulic cutter and today our rescue tools are still made in Germany. LUKAS Hydraulik products are used around the world, demonstrating their special quality every day.


Discover the liberty with eDRAULIC!

Rely on the original! For the fastest and safest rescue operations.

LUKAS Hydraulik eDRAULIC tools are already in service with numerous fire brigades worldwide- and all are very enthusiastic!

Liberty of performing optimal rescues

With a top-quality complete set for modern vehicle extrication and high performance reserves for future-generation vehicles.

– All essential rescue tools are available in an eDRAULIC-Version (recognisable via the additional “E”)
– Cutter S 700 E with improved blade geometry reaching 77% more cutting force
– On-Off-principle: press the button and start to work

Liberty of working without power units and hoses

Either completely free in battery mode or with permanent power supply from the mains.

– Faster and safer rescues
– eDRAULIC frees up extra space on the truck
– Weight reduction by almost 50% in comparison to a conventional complete set
– Full freedom of movement

Freedom to simply be independent

The powerful lithium-ion battery gives you full power. The entire design is generally perfectly optimised for rescue.

– One battery type for all tools
– Fast change from cable to battery operation
– Illuminated battery compartment for night work
– Housing protects the battery
– Protection against moisture: protection class IP44

Other Products from Lukas Hydraulik

SP 555 E2 Spreader

Lukas Hydraulik logo

All products supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

Telephone: +49 (0) 9131 698 0    Email: Click to email    Website: Click to visit website

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