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LUKAS GOES GREEN – The Company for hydraulic products installs one of the biggest PV-Roof systems in the district of Erlangen and gears towards sustainability

LUKAS Hydraulic aligns itself with the social trend and gears towards sustainability.

On the rooftop of the company’s production facility, 1314 PV-Panels have been built since the start of construction, with a total output of 500kWp. This corresponds to a saving of 256 tons of CO2 (about 20.480 planted trees in the course of one year) and covers the need of electricity of approximately 120 households with three people. The PV-System with surface size of 7.280 m² will be put into operation in calendar week 37.

LUKAS Hydraulik is commissioning one of Erlangen’s largest industrial PV roof systems with 7,280 m² in calendar week 37, after a construction period of only two months, with the aim of making the company more sustainable. The decisive factor for the large-scale project was, on the one hand, the rising industrial electricity prices, which have increased by 6% annually over the last 20 years. On the other hand, the clear commitment of the LUKAS employees to do something for the environment and to become more energy-friendly. “WE’RE GOING GREEN – LUKAS goes GREEN!” was the new mission of the employees, who are used to energy-sapping assignments due to their products in three different industries.

The Erlangen-based company for hydraulic products is a hidden champion and it is impossible to imagine rescue scenarios for the fire department, the rerailing of damaged trains or the lifting of heavy machinery without its professional hydraulics. Today, LUKAS still develops and manufactures its own products and delivers them worldwide. Very good, because the in-house production roof now serves as a base for the new PV system.

Naim Zekiri, Strategic Purchasing at LUKAS, tells enthusiastically: “With the help of the PV plant, several goals are combined at the same time. In addition to safeguarding our competitiveness, we can protect the climate and the environment and cover around 30% of our electricity requirements ourselves in the future.” After a regulated selection process, the company greenovative was awarded the contract for the construction of the large-scale plant.

Since the start of construction in July, 80 kilometers of cable have been laid and 1,314 PV panels with a total output of 500 kWp have been installed. This equates to a saving of 256 tons of CO2 (approximately 20,480 trees planted in one year) and covers the electricity needs of approximately 120 households of three people. “We are very excited about the first “green project” at LUKAS. After complete installation, we will finally start GREEN next week,” says Naim Zekiri. Other sustainability projects are already planned.

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