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Lukas eWXT Under Water Rescue Tools

by Marcus

Lukas eWXT Under Water Rescue Tools – eDRAULIC. POWERFUL. WATERTIGHT

The full LUKAS eWXT range is finally complete.

The eDraulic Watertight Extraction Tools offer the proven powerful performance, high speeds, and safety of LUKAS rescue tools, combined with the technological advancements of an axial piston pump, an electromagnetic service valve, and a brushless electric motor.

These are now complemented by the latest innovation: all eWXTs can now be used in case of heavy rain, flooding, and even underwater. All technical component are watertight on its own. All eWXTs thus fulfill the requirements of protection category IP 58 and can be operated underwater at a depth of 3 m for up to one hour.

The series includes the watertight 5 Ah or 9 Ah rescue battery, both offer the longest operating time available in the industry. These batteries can even be changed underwater if necessary. Please join our LUKAS international sales team at Fathoms Academy in Texas, USA by using our eWXT range under water.

For more information visit https://lukas.com/en/

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