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LION Smoxidiser®

by Marcus
LION Smoxidiser®

LION Smoxidiser® supplied by LION EMEA

Our simulated and environmentally friendly (digital) training solutions will give your firefighters that high-end and realistic training experience, without you or them worrying about the environment. Naturally, these training systems have a low environmental impact.

We know they really need to train with wood‐fueled fire to truly understand fire behavior and get controlled exposure to high intensity flames with real heat and smoke. So, we also had to create wood-fueled training systems that wouldn’t have the environmental impact they normally have. And we’re proud to say we’ve managed to do so: our carbonaceous training units (CFT/CFT Hybrid, also known as Smart Class A) with an added smoke treatment system leave almost no environmental footprint.

This smoke treatment system manages the smoke bank-down levels and produces only clear-air exhaust using an afterburner system (LION Smoxidiser®), a 20 ft. container added next to the training unit.

This is how it works: after (part of) a fire training has finished, smoke is captured in a chamber through an optional after-burn ventilation system; it is then burned a second time with propane gas, resulting in air that is 99.5% clean at the end.


The world’s sole carbonaceous fire training system with close to zero noxious emissions.

Extracts and purifies the smoke before releasing it safely into the environment, making it possible to train with carbonaceous scenarios even in areas with strict environmental regulations.

Afterburner system for clean carbonaceous fire training.

Patented natural & forced draft afterburner system = clean emissions, no impact on realism of the training, similar to training in a traditional carbonaceous container.


The LION afterburner systems are designed to allow the trainer to influence the thickness and height of the smoke layer, air flow and intensity of the combustion by adjusting the fan speed and smoke extraction valves. Afterburner systems can be designed as forced draft installations as well as natural draft installations.

How it works:

Smoke is guided by a high temperature fan into a burner cell, where it is mixed with combustion gas and fresh air. This mixture is then ignited for a second burn, with temperatures rising up to 850 °C (1,560 °F). When starting up the carbonaceous fire, a significant amount of gasses and soot will arise. These gasses and soot will be used as fuel during the combustion process as well. This will result in a significant reduction in the use of additional combustion fuel during afterburning.

Train anywhere:

The LION unique smoke purifying solution allows you to bring carbonaceous fire training to almost any location, without having to worry about environmental constraints. Some of our class A fire training systems are located in urban areas, in the heart of the communities that need to be protected by their fire departments.

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LION Smoxidiser® supplied by LION EMEA

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