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LION EMEA launch LION ChimerX™

by Marcus
LION EMEA launch LION ChimerX™

LION EMEA launch LION ChimerX™

At LION EMEA, we believe that training should be as practical as possible while providing a real learning experience.

We deliver training solutions for all types of first responders: Fire Brigades, Police | Army | Naval Forces, Airports, Petrochemical Industry, Maritime Industry, Oil & Gas Industry, and Training Academies.

With our new product line, LION ChimerX™, we produce a turnkey solution: A trustworthy and reliable training unit, ready in a blink of an eye. Safe and realistic training units at the same time.

Best-in-class LION ChimerX Training Systems put your firefighters in any real-life situation imaginable, so they come prepared for any challenge ahead. ChimerX has decades of firefighting knowledge and expertise from experienced firefighters like you.

What do we propose:

  • Turnkey training units
  • Short delivery time frame
  • Attractive pricing
LION EMEA launch LION ChimerX™

The LION EMEA product line includes:

  1. LION ChimerX® DFT training unit: using our patented Digital Fire Technology, you can perform clean Training within a Realistic Environment that can be made mobile using a hook-lift system. This is one of the most cost-effective training proposals on the market at this point.
  2. LION ChimerX® BAT training unit: Confined Space Training is critical; inside a safe & controlled environment, create versatile & realistic scenarios. You can give a clean training and make the unit mobile.
  3. LION ChimerX® GFT training unit: This All-inclusive Training Stage, Modular & Expendable Unit based on gas Fire Technology, will give you the best experience within a supervised Training Environment.
  4. LION ChimerX® HMT training unit: All type leakages can be recreated; Mobile and Realistic this is your new HazMat Training Tool!
  5. LION ChimerX® CFT Hybrid training unit: train with Wood & Gas Fire Technology. You can ally Realistic Wood-burning scenarios with the benefit of the Rapid & Easily Repeatable Training thanks to the integrated gas ignition. Always within a Safe & Controlled Environment and Smoke Treatment Compatible.
  6. LION ChimerX® CFT training unit: train traditional class A scenario with our qualitative and reliable unit. They are built to last for the most challenging training session to come.
  7. LION ChimerX® DCT training unit: damage control and calamity training will have no secret for you after going through our unit. Will you keep your cool when you are elbow-deep in danger?

Our offer for this line includes only modules and setups that are pre-engineered and standardized to provide a complete training experience.

For more information visit the LION EMEA dedicated website: WWW.LIONCHIMERX.COM and try out the product configurator or call +31 13 507 68 21 or email lts@lionprotects.com

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