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Lifting Bags can be a Real Life Saver

by Marcus
Lifting bags

In today’s rescue, many different types of airbags are offered, each of them with its own benefits and specific applications. At the same time it is the lifting bag that does not get a lot of attention from rescuers, nor is it often used by them. The lack of regular use and insufficient knowledge on how to use lifting bags make them even less popular in rescue operations. Nevertheless, the airbag such as lifting bags, when used properly, can be a real lifesaver.

Lifting bags can be a real life saver

In rescue lifting bags are used to lift an object or to spread one or more objects away from another to free an entrapped victim. Yet, it appears that a spreader or ram is still preferred when creating space during rescue operations. These tools may be sufficient in ‘normal’ rescue, but when it comes to lifting heavy objects, this same spreader or ram simply becomes useless.

Lifting bags can be a real life saver

The white paper provides an overview of the different lifting bags available and its (dis)advantages. It provides not only a comparison based upon specifications, it also provides you with good understanding about lifting itself. An interesting read for those who are in the buying process of lifting bags or who simply want to learn more about lifting bags in general.

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