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Head Office:  Espace Polygone, 218 rue Ettore Bugatti, 66000 Perpignan, France

LIBERVIT, a French company has been designing, manufacturing, and distributing worldwide through a specialised Distributors network high quality equipment for the Firefighters, Police, and armed forces special units and for the Industry.

Too often, manufacturers develop products thought to be helpful for their clients, without really answering their needs.
We work differently!

For many years, our products have been thought through and studied working closely with our clients. They are then prototyped and tested by different client’s workgroup. Before commercialisation, the prototype is validated then manufactured and tested in our factory in France.

You are a qualified professional and are faced with the following situations:

  • Road accident
  • Railway accident
  • Plane crash
  • Submerged or semi-submerged area accident (cars, lorries, boats, trains, planes…)
  • Structures, buildings collapse
  • Force-entry with Flashover risk
  • Lift doors’ opening
  • French windows cutting, etc…

Our goal is to manufacture the most innovative, powerful, and reliable tools on the market to provide you with the best means possible for your interventions.

LIBERVIT hydraulic cutter


  • Extrication, Rescue-clearing tools
  • Hydraulic and manual’s force-entry tools


  • Extrication and rescue tools for land, aquatic and underwater use, auto stabilized with an autonomous use up to a depth of 80 meters
LIBERVIT maritime rescue


  • Hydraulic and manual entry tools
  • Underwater entry and sabotage tools


  • Nuclear decommissioning tools and numerous industrial applications
LIBERVIT forcible entry


All products supplied by LIBERVIT

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