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by Marcus

More comfort less heat stress. Lenzing FR is a specialty viscose fiber. The abbreviation FR stands for „flame resistant“. Lenzing FR is a natural fiber derived from wood. It offers protection from heat and flame in a variety of different applications.

Lenzing FR® fire fabric offers unique thermal insulation properties combined with permanent flame resistance make Lenzing FR® a „Heat Protection Fiber“. It offers protection from all kinds of heat and its functional properties help to prevent heat stress and heat stroke.

Lenzing FR® keeps the body dry and cool. Heat stress and heat stroke can be avoided.

Natural safety. Lenzing FR® offers protection from all kinds of heat: fire, radiant heat, electric arcs, molten metals and flash fires. The most important goal of protective clothing is to prevent the skin from burns. After all, the skin is the body’s largest and most sensitive organ.

Permanent protection incorporated. From a technical point of view, Lenzing FR® is a work of art. The fiber, which is made of a natural raw material, has a flame retardant substance incorporated throughout the cross section of the fiber. As well as being eco-friendly, the latter also ensures permanent protection. The protective substance cannot be removed by either washing or abrasion. Flame resistant once, flame resistant forever.

* The best heat protection fiber
* Permanent flame resistance
* Outstanding comfort
* Environmentally friendly

Fire test passed with flying colors. Lenzing FR® offers anyone in the emergency services excellent protection from 2nd and 3rd degree burns. And it goes one step further since its physiological properties reduce the risk of heat stress and heat stroke.

Whenever fire is involved, safety has utmost priority. Lenzing FR® can be found wherever there is a need for flame resistance.

* Protection from 2nd degree and 3rd degree burns
* Improves the performance and comfort of 100% aramid garments
* Improves break open behavior
* Reduces the risk of heat stress and heat stroke

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