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by Marcus

Lenhardt & Wagner is one of the leading and renowed companies in the market of high-pressure applications. A worldwide network of L&W agencys and service centers ensures a steady growth of the company. The flat and manageable corporate structure allows us to identify any weaknesses directly and act immediately. Our personal approach and a direct line to the customers here are essential.
During the last three decades the range of L&W products could be advanced consistently and new markets are created. This is mainly due to our investment in the development and optimization of the product range and a partnership with our importers. In addition to Breathing Air Compressors and related peripheral equipment we offer also compressors, storage and filter for the necessary high-pressure which is required for natural gas filling stations. High-pressure inert gases such as argon, helium or nitrogen for industrial applications including welding and laser cutting, and for general laboratory use are also among our skills.
Our balanced growth is based on a long-term and strategic planning that allows us still sufficient freedom of action for rapid reaction in cases of need. Based on continues expansion of the Asian market, with new agencys in Singapore and China, we could already significantly increased our sales and improve our services.

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