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by Marcus

LED Lightbars has been set up as a One Stop On-Line Shop providing LED Light Bars,LED Beacons and Directional LED Lights for Emergency, Recovery and Ancillary Vehicles and is run by myself John O’Donoghue. I’ve been in business for more than 20 years now, and have specialized in Emergency Vehicle Lighting for the last 5 years.
LED Lightbars have been around for quite a while now, and you would be forgiven for not knowing where to turn if you are in the market for an LED Light Bar. There are so many models and options available, it is a minefield when trying to decide what to buy.
You only have to look on eBay to see the hundreds of LED Emergency Lightbars, LED grille Lights and LED Beacons that are on offer. The problem is that most of the products on this site do not meet the legal requirements to be fitted to a vehicle, and most of the Light Bars are made in China.
These Lightbars are copies or knock offs of the original manufacturers product. They do not meet the required standards for light colour, light output, 360° visibility, IP Rating for water ingress, and are certainly not certified to United Nations ECE R65.
In the UK at the moment, you do not need to have a product that meets R65, but as this is an EU wide certification, at some time in the future, the UK will adopt this and it will then be mandatory to use ECE R65 approved Lightbars.
All products on the LED Lightbars website meet or exceed this certification, and we DO NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS MADE IN CHINA.

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