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LEADER Trigger Nozzle

by Marcus

Discover the TRIGGERFLOW, the LEADER Trigger Nozzle 

TRIGGER-OPERATED AUTOMATIC NOZZLE : New design for a highly intuitive, more ergonomic nozzle – One hand holds the nozzle and controls the flow rate with the fingertips. The other hand controls the stream shape and helps resist recoil if necessary – Complete control of nozzle without having to move hands elsewhere

INTUITIVE USE : – Large trigger to progressively open and close the sliding valve – Responds instantly for complete control of the water flow – Natural hand position for secure nozzle grip. Facilitates firefighter’s actions

SAFETY – Generously sized detachable trigger guard protects hand and trigger – Safety: Nozzle shuts off naturally if dropped during use (unless locked) – Locking system for locking nozzle in fully open position – Antifrost position releases continuous trickle for when working in very low temperatures

PERFORMANCE : TEST IT! – Ideal for pulsing due to sliding valve – Low water hammer effect – Two attack sprays with different cone angles to suppress fire based on site configuration (on Regular size) – Go from straight stream to wide protective spray jet in a quarter of a turn – Powerful diffusion cone to repel flames. – 120° angle protective spray jet

To test it, contact us to info@leader-group.eu or visit www.leader-group.eu

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