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by Marcus

LEADER Search supplied by LEADER

LEADER SEARCH Life Detectors (USAR) are used in rescue operations to detect and then locate the position of victims entombed in collapsed structures. It will pinpoint and detect the slightest of vibrations by effectively turning the entire structure into a giant microphone.

LEADER Search detects the presence of buried victims under rubble and identifies their exact location using Wireless and/or Wired ultra-sensitive seismic sensors.

Furthermore it allows two-way communication with the victim once they are found thanks to its communication probe waterproof up to 2 meters.

Thanks to its lightweight and compact control box and thanks to its new clearly interface, LEADER Search allow a detection and a victims location more faster.

It was specifically designed as equipment for specialized rescue teams as the USAR teams.

Featuring 3 wireless sensors with a range in excess of 100m (328′), and the additional option of up to 3 wired sensors, it delivers unequalled flexibility, sound quality and sound propagation.

LEADER SEARCH Life Detectors (USAR) comes complete with an ultra-lightweight and compact control box incorporating a full colour screen and user friendly menus and graphics.

Offering versatility in choice – whether you choose the LEADER Search 3 wireless sensor option through to the complete 3 wireless / 3 wired version, we provide a robust waterproof two way audio communication probe.


LEADER SEARCH Life Detectors (USAR) supplied by LEADER

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