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LEADER SCAN Life Search Equipment (USAR)

by Marcus

LEADER SCAN Life Search Equipment (USAR) supplied by LEADER

The LEADER SCAN Life Search Equipment (USAR) is the WORLD’s ONLY device capable of detecting the slightest chest movements produced by breathing!

The LEADER Scan has been designed to detect and locate live victims trapped, buried or entombed, usually following disasters such as: collapse structures, landslides, avalanches and so on, LEADER Scan allows to locate victims by detecting movements at a distance of 30m.

Using UWB technology (Ultra Wide Band technology), it interrogates the sub-surface that allows identifying the victim’s location by detecting movements. Its sensitivity and stability of signal allows movements’ detection as precise as the chest movement produced from breathing or a finger movement.

Graphical User Interface provides depth of victims + small movements produced by simply breathing OR strong movements produced by body movement or possibly stronger breathing patterns.

Also, a unique feature displays a real time graph, focusing on the strongest signal received by the sensor.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Extra-wide colour screen
  • High brightness screen for viewing in full daylight
  • Menu and intuitive navigation
  • Autonomy : 2.5 hours
  • Quickly replaceable lightweight compact rechargeable battery.
  • Battery compatible with LEADER Search, LEADER Cam and LEADER Hasty control boxes.
  • Back up pack for 10 AAA batteries (not supplied). Makes the device functional even if the battery cannot be charged during rescue operation.


  • High-sensitivity sensor using UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Placed in a small waterproof and shockproof transport case
  • Search distance : Up to 30 m in open field
  • Accuracy : approx.1 m
  • Real-time movement detection
  • 2 search modes : Manual and Automatic
  • 2 batteries (each lasting 4 hours) supplied
  • 2 types of connection to the control box :
  • Wi-Fi with 30m range (no cable management problems)
  • Waterproof wired USB (5 m of cable) : Alternative in case of nearby interference preventing use of Wi-Fi


LEADER SCAN Life Search Equipment (USAR) supplied by LEADER

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