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LEADER Mix Firefighting foam proportioner

by Marcus
LEADER Mix Firefighting foam proportioner

LEADER Mix Firefighting Foam Proportioner-  For proportioning all types of foam concentrates from 0.5% to 6%!

Automatic, Autonomous and Reliable Inductor:

The ideal compromise between conventional venturi inductors and traditional automatic systems because of the wide range of flow rates and injection ratios available

Totally autonomous, it does not require power supply.

Furthermore, thanks to a simple mechanical design, its maintenance is greatly reduced.

Large Range of Use!

The LEADER Mix has a wide range of flow rates (200 to 800 l/min at 10 bar) and a wide operating pressure range (from 5 to 16 bar) permitting to replace three conventional injectors (200, 400 and 800).

Accurate Metering and Reduced Consumption!

The LEADER Mix allows to precisely adjust the concentration of foam concentrate injected from 0.5% to 6% (metering accuracy meets EN16712 standard) and adapts itself to selected rate to the nozzle.

Create suction every time foam is desired!

Instantly injects the foam concentrate. Furthermore, it isn’t affected by pressure variations and even works under 10 bar.

2 Versions Available:

The LEADER Mix exist in two versions :

– Vehicle version : onboard on a vehicle fire or integrated into fixed foam extinguishing system.

– Portable version : use on ground and online by firefighters

For more information visit LEADER Mix – Firefighting foam proportioner

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