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LEADER MIX 2000 Foam Proportioning System

LEADER MIX 2000 supplied by LEADER

Firefighting foam proportioner – LEADER MIX 2000

The LEADER MIX 2000 firefighting foam proportioner is a 100% mechanical, easy to use and versatile firefighting foam dosing system.

Designed and patented by the R&D team of the LEADER company, its unique system based on a venturi system achieve an automatic accurate aspiration of all type of foam concentrate required (fluorinated, fluorine-free, alcohol-resistant) to mix with water. 

Whatever the viscosity of the firefighting foam concentrate, the firefighting foam proportioner LEADERMIX 2000 aspirates the foam concentrate with an accurate induction rate from 0,3% to 6%. The 1% and 3%V positions are specially calibrated for viscous foam concentrate.

Simple and easy to use, the firefighter just has to turn a manual selector to immediately set up and adjust the mixing ratio.

Ideal equipment for various fire interventions, the LEADER MIX 2000 firefighting foam proportioner is suitable for a wide flow range from 300 to 2000 l/min. It realizes real-time adjustment, without human intervention, of current water flow and in case of flow variations. On large scale fire requiring high flow, it is possible to combine several LEADER MIX 2000 to go up to even larger flows. By coupling two LEADER MIX 2000, you achieve flow ranges of 600 to 4000l/min.


  • Automatic and autonomous
  • Wide flow range: from 300 to 2000l/min from 5 to 16 bar
  • Instantly adapts to flow variations
  • Precise foam proportioning from 0.3% to 6%
  • 1% and 3% V dedicated to viscous foam concentrates
  • Modular: combine LEADERMIX to extend operating flow rates up to 6000l / min
  • Simple mechanical design. No electronics.
  • No power supply required
  • Easy maintenance
  • 2 versions: fixed or portable


LEADER MIX 2000 supplied by LEADER

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