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LEADER launch new foam proportioner

by Marcus
LEADER launch new foam

LEADER launch new foam proportioner: LEADER MIX A 1000

In the family of autonomous foam proportioners from the firefighting equipment manufacturer LEADER, here is the latest: the LEADER MIX A 1000.

With its patented automatic dosing principle, the new LEADER MIX A 1000 meets the expectations of firefighters faced with class A fires, and more specifically forest fires wildland fires. It completes the range of autonomous foam proportioners.

The ideal equipment for interventions on class A fires, the LEADER MIX A 1000 proportioner is calibrated for class A additives (foam concentrates and wetting-foaming agents).

Designed and patented by the LEADER company’s R&D team, its unique operation is based upon a powerful venturi system that allows it to precisely aspirate the quantity of additive requested (0.3%, 0.5% or 1%) and to mix it with water. Just turn the selector to instantly change the concentration rate.

The LEADER MIX A 1000 adapts in real time the amount of foam concentrate to be aspirated according to flow variations. It operates over a wide flow range, from 200 to 1000 l/min, for a pressure between 5 bar and 16 bar.

LEADER launch new foam proportioner

Successful fire extinction is closely linked to the proper functioning of the equipment and the quality of the additive used. With LEADER MIX A 1000, get precise foam dosing to avoid wasting precious foam concentrate stock and to extinguish fires efficiently.

Unlike electronic foam proportioners which require a power supply and regular maintenance, the LEADER MIX A 1000 operates without electronics and without power supply: it is a 100% mechanical system that is reliable and autonomous. The absence of a metering pump increases the reliability of the system and allows dry operation if the end of the tank is reached. No periodic maintenance is required.

Its robust construction, as well as its extremely compact and light format (16 kg), allow it to be easily installed in fire fighting vehicles (fire truck, skid, pick-up, trailer).

LEADER launch new foam proportioner

The remote-control panel allows you to view the inlet pressure and select the intervention position: water only, foam or flush. The “water” position (bypass) reduces pressure drops when injection is not necessary. The “flush” position allows the dosing system to be rinsed in anticipation of the next intervention. The simple interface is easily understandable allowing fast and flawless action.

Many fire departments have already tested and approved the performance of LEADER MIX automatic dosing systems. To try it is to adopt it!

To learn more about LEADER MIX A 1000 foam proportioner, visit www.leader-group.company.

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