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LEADER HASTY Victim Search Equipment (USAR)

by Marcus

LEADER HASTY Victim Search Equipment (USAR) supplied by LEADER

The LEADER HASTY Victim Search Equipment (USAR) is the WORLD’s only multi-functional HASTY tool: SEE, SEARCH and SAVE with just one tool!

LEADER Hasty combines:

  • A search camera mode for a visual and precise location of victims. Its ultra-lightweight probe is equipped with high intensity lights and flexible articulation of the camera head, which incorporates a microphone/speaker to allow communication between rescuer and victim.
  • A seismic detection mode for use with up to three wireless sensors for detecting signs of life.

The ability to switch instantly between “visual search mode” and WIRELESS “audible search mode” in one deployment vastly improves the effectiveness and mobility of the rescuer and greatly reduces the time taken to find victims while increasing their chance of survival.

Wireless Audio ResQ for HASTY SEARCH

The LEADER HASTY Victim Search Equipment (USAR) is a development of Audio ResQ designed specially for a “HASTY SEARCH” of signs of life amid the rubble.

The search equipment is capable of detecting and locating buried victims after a catastrophe. It was specifically designed as equipment for specialized rescue teams such as the USAR teams.

  • Wireless technology
  • 30m maximum range without options
  • Easy to use
  • A 2nd antinoise stereo headphone can be connected simultaneously
  • Digital technology
  • 1 Sealed communication probe allows connection to victims for the hasty detection of victims in a search zone: A simple configuration consisting of a control box and 3 wireless sensors for an action radius of 30m.


LEADER HASTY Victim Search Equipment (USAR) supplied by LEADER

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