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LEADER Hasty available with three sensors!

by Marcus

After the success of its search equipment: the LEADER Hasty 2 sensors version, LEADER, expert in search and rescue material, further expands its range by launching the version 3 wireless seismic sensors.

World’s only multifunctional search device, LEADER Hasty combines a “search camera mode” and “wireless seismic detection mode”.

Specially designed to offer lightweight, mobility and efficiency, Hasty perfectly meets the needs of rescuers on the field by allowing them to make quick and reliable search.

Its dual function gives it a greatest advantage in all phases of search. A rescuer can now single-handedly, or with the help of search team members, accomplish a Hasty Search and/or a more detailed investigation of a disaster area with this multi-functional control box.

Contact LEADER for more information about the LEADER Hasty three sensors version.

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