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LEADER acquires Active Photonics

by Marcus

As part of its development strategy, LEADER has acquired the company Active Photonics, specializing in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras.

The LEADER TIC Thermal imaging cameras are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of each application:


The range includes of 3 models:

LEADER TIC Mini / HORNET micro: Small and efficient

Particularly suitable for the inside attack, the LEADER TIC Mini / HORNET Micro has all the important features for fire response and the search for missing persons.

LEADER TIC Mono display / HORNET M1:

The LEADER TIC Mono Display / HORNET M1 offers a wide range of essential features for fire interventions including video recording which is ideal for firefighting training

LEADER TIC Bi-ocular / HORNET M und B : Multi-use

The LEADER TIC Bi-ocular is suitable for multiple types of interventions such as firefighting but also safety applications such as tactical surveillance, covert operations, border security, etc.

LEADER Tean Expand

Based at Villach in Austria, former employees of ACTIVE PHOTONICS now complete and reinforce the LEADER team and ensure on-site development activities and production of thermal imaging cameras.

LEADER, known as a manufacturer of Positive Pressure fans (PPV) for firefighting and designer of USAR victim search equipment, thus acquires a new production business by adding thermal imaging cameras LEADER TIC to its catalogue.

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