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LE 100 StrongArm

by Marcus
LE 100 StrongArm

LE 100 StrongArm supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

The LE 100 StrongArm from LUKAS cuts through locks, bars, chains or cables, pushes obstacles such as bars out of the way and opens locks.

The LE 100 StrongArm from LUKAS is a strong tool for the police and special operations commandos. The multifunctional combi rescue tool overcomes all obstacles and saves time when it is most needed.

The door opener tips can be used to quickly open various gates and doors to buildings and flats or lift obstacles. The StrongArm also opens vehicle doors, boots and bonnets. The device is powered by a high-performance battery and provides full performance even in extreme conditions.

Better safe than sorry – with the LE 100 StrongArm from LUKAS.

LE 100 StrongArm with door opener tips: Open doors and windows, lift loads with door opener tips

LE 100 StrongArm with the combi tips: Spread and cut with the combi tips


cuts steel bars with thickness up to 22 mm and chains up to 10 mm
lifts and moves obstacles weighing up to 4 t
opens building doors in the event of fire
opens vehicle doors
cuts bars and locks
easily breaks locks
protection class IP 54

Product features

Delivered as starter kit with battery, battery charger, door opener tips and combi tips.

Thanks to the battery-powered LUKAS StrongArm rescue workers can rely on superior performance and mobility when it counts.

The star grip allows intuitive operation in stress situations.

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LE 100 StrongArm supplied by Lukas Hydraulik

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