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by Marcus

Large Plugs Leak Sealing plugs offer a superior plug surface pattern, proper choice of rubber compound, Rayon-Kevlar reinforcement, suitable lenght, low weight, excellent sealing ability, anticorrosive components, a wide range of sizes and guaranteed safety at work are properties united in Sava PLUGY and PLUGSY plugs. All plugs are equipped with quick action coupling for inflation, larger sizes have two couplings installed. The size and number of eyelet bolts depend on plug size. Plugs can be inserted through gullies of size 600 x 600 mm and since the are flexible, they can easily be bent at an angle up to 90 degree.

These all-purpose plugs are used for sealing and testing of pipeline tightness with air or water. Multi-size plugs are stretchable therefore only a few plugs are required to cover pipelines of different diameters.


Available are also Plugy plugs up to diameter of 1000 mm which are made of Nytril rubber and noted for resistance to oil and its derivates.

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