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KriBa® TIRE FIRE supplied by Kriba Firetrainer

The KriBa® TIRE FIRE trains how to extinguish a burning tire and is an addon module for the KriBa® Firetrainer.

For usage the KriBa® CARRIER is required.


  • Ideal for training lorry drivers
  • Very difficult to extinguish
  • Absolutely reliable

The KriBa® Firetrainer is an extremly reliable and safe, trainingsystem designed for train persons the correct use of extinguishers. Only operated with gas without using electrical parts like electric ignition or flame control. KriBa® is well known in Germany for its oustanding durability.

The KriBa® Basic Mobile Firetrainer base device can be equiped with various modules to simulate different types of fire situations. All additional KriBa® modules are desingned as followed – the gas flows complete „trough“ the simulation. So a realistic fire simulation is ensured. Most common cause for fire is a burning waste bin.

For proper instructions to truck drivers, and drivers which transport dangerous goods, the KriBa® TIRE FIRE is recommended. The KriBa® TIRE FIRE simulates a full burning tire. Like in real, the fire is very difficult to fight against with only one extinguisher.

Thats the reason why transports with dangerous goods have two extinguishers on board.

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KriBa® TIRE FIRE supplied by Kriba Firetrainer

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