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KriBa® INSTRUCTOR EXPORT supplied by Kriba Firetrainer

The KriBa® INSTRUCTOR EXPORT firetrainer set is a complete and ready to use bundle for teaching the correct use of extinguishers with real fire. Optimal for instructing up to 10-15 trainees at once, this set contains all needed parts for the lessons.

KriBa® Starter Set including

  • 58449 KriBa® BASIC MOBILE Firetraining device
  • 84699 6 Pcs Training extinguisher 6Liter
  • 19700 Piston Compressor High Pressure15 bar

This set offers a price benefit of 637,00€ compared to the single prices.

The KriBa® Firetrainer is an extremly reliable and safe, trainingsystem designed for train persons the correct use of extinguishers. Only operated with gas without using electrical parts like electric ignition or flame control. KriBa® is well known in Germany for its oustanding durability.

KriBa® benefits

  • Fire ignition guaranted by separate pilot burner
  • Full flame control for the operator by safty-shut-off-valve
  • German TÜV certificate of save use
  • Highest quality components with 5 years warranty
  • Modular System with 12 different simulations by additional modules
  • Wearfree operation so the KriBa® is nearly maintainancefree

Design facts

  • KriBa® Firetrainer needs only one power source. Pressurized burnable gas = LPG
  • Fire ignition works via a pilot burner. Because that fire ignition is guranteed.
  • The operator can adjust the difficulty of the lessons by changing the gaspressure by the reducer.
  • With the safety-shut-off valve in his hands, the operator has always full flame control. Safety isalways ensured.
  • After filling the KriBa® Basic device with water the system is ready for fire simulations.
  • Why water and manual ignition plus manual gas flow control? Because this works! Every time!
  • 100% reliable. What do you need for a proffesional fire training for voluntary firefigthers!
  • Fire simulation gear you can always trust. Like a KriBa® firetrainer.

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KriBa® INSTRUCTOR EXPORT supplied by Kriba Firetrainer

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