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by Marcus
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Head Office:  Balzer Bildungskonzepte GmbH, Am Tennisplatz 12, 21684 Stade, Germany

The KriBa® Firetrainer is an extremly reliable and safe, training system designed for training persons the correct use of extinguishers. Only operated with gas without using electrical parts like electric ignition or flame control. KriBa® is well known in Germany for its oustanding durability.

Different fire simulations:

The KriBa® Basic Mobile Firetrainer base device can be equiped with various modules to simulate different types of fire situations. All additional KriBa® modules are desingned as followed – the gas flows complete „trough“ the simulation. So a realistic fire simulation is ensured. Most common cause for fire is a burning waste bin.

For teaching the correct extinguishing method the module KriBa® WASTEBASKET FIRE can be fitted directly into the firesump oft he base device. Easy to fight against with the right know how. Two additional KriBa® modules can be fitted on the top of the KRIBA® WASTEBASKET FIRE.

The module KriBa® FAT FIRE shows the trainees the extremly source of danger using water in combination with burning fat or oil wich is heated above igintion point.

Second module is the KriBa® SPRAYBOX which shows the impressive „explosion“ of a heatened spray can reaching the burst point.

Perfect for groupdynamic ist he KriBa® SOLID FIRE. Again fitted directly into the firesump the KriBa® SOLID FIRE simulates only a small, but difficult to extinguish fire of solid material. Optimal for teaching the quadruppling extinguish power when fighting the fire with two or three extinguishers at the same time.

One oft he most devastating fire scenarios is a burning lpg-gascylinder. In fact because mostly all not trained employees assume that. An explosion will follow up within short time. The KriBa® GAS CYLINDER FIRE is an oustanding demonstration how to fight against impressive and roaring flames by just closing the valve by hand. ( Or using an extingusher to cut the flames and then close the valve).

For simulating burning technical devices the KriBa® BASIC MOBILE base device can equiped with a carrier device. The KriBa® CARRIER fits direct into the firesump and functions as attachment and gas collector for the technical modules like the KriBa® FLAT SCREEN FIRE.

The KriBa® FLAT SCREEN FIRE simulates a burning flat screen. Medium difficult to extinguish and for that a very good lesson for employees in administration.

Much more difficult to extinguish is the module KriBa® E-MOTOR FIRE. A simulation of a full burning e-motor with flame ouput through the dust shield and electric panel. Very usefull for teaching voluntary firemen the extinguish tactic when a shielded e-motor is on fire.

The KriBa® SWITCHGEAR FIRE is suggested for train advanced fire protection assistants. This module is great for teaching team tactics and different ways of extinguishing.

For proper instructions to truck drivers, and drivers which transport dangerous goods, the KriBa® TIRE FIRE is recommended. The KriBa® TIRE FIRE simulates a full burning tire. Like in real, the fire is very difficult to fight against with only one extinguisher.

Thats the reason why transports with dangerous goods have two extinguishers on board. You really read until here? Ok. There is one more KriBa® module which can be attached to the Carrier.

The KriBa® PIPE-AND FITTING FIRE. This module simulates a broken low-pressure gas-pipe and broken flanges. Flame output is on three different places, free to combine just as needed.

Kriba Firetrainer benefits

  • Fire ignition guaranted by separate pilot burner
  • Full flame control for the operator by safty-shut-off-valve
  • German TÜV certificate of save use
  • Highest quality components with 5 years warranty
  • Modular System with 12 different simulations by additional modules
  • Wearfree operation so the KriBa® is nearly maintainancefree

Design facts

  • KriBa® Firetrainer needs only one power source. Pressurized burnable gas = LPG
  • Fire ignition works via a pilot burner. Because that fire ignition is guranteed.
  • The operator can adjust the difficulty of the lessons by changing the gaspressure by the reducer.
  • With the safety-shut-off valve in his hands, the operator has always full flame control. Safety isalways ensured.
  • After filling the KriBa® Basic device with water the system is ready for fire simulations.
  • Why water and manual ignition plus manual gas flow control? Because this works! Every time!
  • 100% reliable. What do you need for a proffesional fire training for voluntary firefigthers!
  • Fire simulation gear you can always trust. Like a KriBa® firetrainer.

Kriba Firetrainer logo

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