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KP1 Vehicle Mounted Pump

by Marcus
KP1 Vehicle Mounted Pump

KP1 Vehicle Mounted Pump supplied by Godiva

The KP1 single-pressure pump is part of a series of rear or midship mounted PTO driven fire pumps that offers an unrivalled performance of up to 1500 l/min at 10 bars pressure. It is easily installed and maintained, and these factors contribute to a long life with low running costs.

It is one of the smallest, lightest pump packages in the market. Available in bronze or light alloy.

  • EN1028 rated performance – Single pressure output at 1500 l/min at 10 bars. Multi-pressure: simultaneous output at 1500 l/min at 10 bars (low pressure) and 250 l/min at 40 bars (high pressure)
  • Compact size allows room for additional equipment
  • Reduced repair costs and downtime due to a 5 year maintenance interval
  • Single piston primer has simple construction for low cost of ownership, with fewer parts
  • Fail safe electric primer shutoff ensures primer is not activated at higher speeds, a safety feature that increases the life of the primer
  • Primer seal assembly removed by two bolts so assembly can be maintained at a work bench
  • Identical plumbing can be used on engine and opposite engine rotation pumps
  • Three gearbox orientations – Left, right, and down orientations for installation flexibility
  • Three volute orientations – Left, right, and vertical orientations for plumbing flexibility
  • 1.90:1, 2.33:1, 2.91:1 ratios to suit most engine and PTO applications

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KP1 Vehicle Mounted Pump supplied by Godiva

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