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by Marcus

KIMTEK CORPORATION was founded in 1984 as a research and development company dedicated to advances in life safety technology in the fire sciences. Founder and President, Kimball Johnson is the holder of several U.S. Patents covering such items as life safety fire sprinklers for commercial and residential buildings as well as life enhancing exercise equipment for body fitness and health.
Located in northern Vermont, Kimtek Corporation continues its 28-year mission of research, development and production of a number of items. In addition to his management of KIMTEK, Mr. Johnson was a volunteer EMT with 12 years of serving on two ambulance services serving the rural most portions of northern Vermont. For over 9 years, Mr. Johnson was a volunteer firefighter and in 2001, he founded Westmore Fire-Rescue in his small community. As Fire Chief and in less than five years, Mr. Johnson saw his fire department grow from 1 to 16 volunteers, a new fire station, 2 class A pumpers, a brand new pumper tanker, a first responder command/EMS vehicle and a 4×4 rescue utility UTV which was all done through donations, successful grant writing and a $12,000 annual stipend from the town they serve.
Mr. Johnson knows all too well the financial burdens small, rural public safety agencies face. He also knows the need to have the right equipment to get the job done right and safely. When looking for a rescue trailer, rescue sled or slide in unit for his department he saw advantages and disadvantages to the current models on the market. He felt there could be a better design and he and his team of designers set out to come up with a rugged, lightweight and affordable rescue unit. The MEDLITE® Transport was born!
The MEDLITE® Transport is designed and built in Vermont by true craftsmen. Our staff is ready and willing to help you with your purchase of the MEDLITE® Transport or FIRELITE® Transport.
Today, Kimtek Corporation offers an entire series of medical rescue MEDLITE® Transports, one to meet almost any need and budget. The FIRELITE® Transport series offers an impressive lineup of fire/rescue slip on skid units.
Recently Kimball Johnson retired as Fire Chief of Westmore Fire-Rescue and as an EMT. He continues on as a founder and lifelong member of the department and is always available to fulfill any role the department needs. As Kimtek Corporation is the largest manufacturer of UTV/ATV skid units in the nation, he no longer felt he could give his volunteer duties the attention they require and deserve.

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