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KFT Fire Trainer

by Marcus
KFT Fire Trainer

KFT Fire Trainer brings together the proven leaders in the industry to offer the broadest range of fire Training Solutions to meet your training needs. With more than 35 years of live fire training knowledge, KFT Fire Trainer has the experience that instills confidence. Count on KFT to deliver innovative training systems, installed on time and within budget.

Intense Fire Training

KFT’s live fire training simulators deliver intense live fire training. FireTrainer® systems realistically replicate the heat, smoke, flames and chaos of a real fire emergency, yet do so in a controlled and environmentally sound manner.

Easy on the Environment

While realistic live fire training is paramount, proper steps should be taken to ease the burden on our environment. A KFT fire training simulator has minimal environmental impact, and relieves community and legislative concerns of air pollution and water contamination. Fires can be fueled by clean-burning natural gas, propane, or butane, and the system’s simulated smoke is environmentally benign.

A Record of Safety

KFT Fire Trainer’s safety record is not only reassuring, but compelling. Users have safely conducted more than 3 million training evolutions – over 30 years! KFT takes extra safety precautions to ensure trainee safety.

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