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by Marcus

The company is committed to enhance safety of man, machinery & property from fire, oil spill & hazards through manufacturing & supplies of Fire Extinguishing & Oil Field Chemicals of the quality which will meet the changing demands through continuous improvement while meeting national & international standards enforce.
Kemex – Committed in its Endeavour to exceed satisfaction of the customer in the field of Dry & Liquid fire fighting chemicals and related products through continual improvement in our system, product range & resources.
Kemex, do so by updating technology and skill to meet ever changing customer requirements, while adhering to relevant standard and regulations in force.
Kemex – established as a partnership concern in the year 1992 in fire fighting industry by introducing as the manufacture of Fire Fighting Chemicals & re-incorporated as Private Limited Company in the year 2000.
Products are approved by:
– Bureau of Indian Standards,
– Underwriters Laboratories India (UL – 162)
– Direct General Of Shipping
– Director General of Quality Assurance, New Delhi

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