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KAP-DAH Breathing Air Compressor

by Greg Preston
KAP-DAH breathing air compressor

KAP-DAH Breathing Air Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

KAP-DAH Breathing Air Compressor – The high-performance BAUER breathing air compressors for standalone use in remote locations.

Ideal for use in standalone applications: Featuring a very low-maintenance diesel engine

Electronic compressor control (KAP-DAH): For reliable control of the most important unit parameters

Little space required: Thanks to compact horizontal design

Long service life, high degree of modularity: Tailored to meet your needs

With a low centre of gravity and robust, low-maintenance diesel drive, the horizontal compressors in the KAP-DAH breathing air compressor series are able to meet the most exacting of requirements for reliable and autonomous continuous operation in remote locations.

All coolers, filters, valves and cables are made from rust-free materials. Designed for the harshest of outdoor climates and absolutely reliable at high outdoor temperatures.

The unit has been designed without compromise, so ease of access for maintenance work comes as standard.

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KAP-DAH Breathing Air Compressor supplied by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN

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