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by Marcus

Just-In Case Fire Ltd. designs, manufactures and distributes innovative, self-contained, portable fire suppression equipment under the brand FIRECADDY.TM
JICF refers to this as “the ‘gap’ between the fire extinguisher and the fire truck”. The Company believes that their approach to fire-fighting will change the way in which fire response is viewed and structured across all levels of government & industry. Just-In Case Fire Ltd. was incorporated in 2002; development began on the FireCaddyTM line of products several years earlier. The products have been field tested, refined and sold to customers in many different industries, geographies and types of deployment. The most recent addition to the product line was made commercially available in 2007, creating the most breadth of application coverage of any of the manufacturers who provide on-site, mobile, firefighting equipment.
A number of key organizations have acknowledged the effectiveness of the FireCaddy products including industry, fire departments, federal and provincial/state government agencies and NFPA, for its capability at responding to emergency fire situations. The product line is in the process of securing UL certification, with the endorsement and support of these important industry and government bodies. All FireCaddy equipment mix water from any available source with FlameOut®, a fire suppressant foam that extinguishes fire over 80% more efficiently than water alone. The mixture is discharged from a safe distance of up to 70 feet from the fire hazard with pressures and flows that can be managed by people who have not been trained as fire-fighters. As a result, fires are suppressed rapidly and water damage is significantly reduced.

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