Jupiter 5F

by Marcus

Jupiter 5F supplied by ESKA Gloves

Jupiter 5F Long GORE-TEX textile firefighting glove

The permanently waterproof GORE-TEX textile firefighter glove Jupiter 5F offers maximum flame resistance and high performance protection against cuts due to the cut-resistant lining (highest level 5F).

All mechanical and thermal maximum values were achieved both in a new condition and after pretreatment consisting of 20 washes at 60 °C.


The permanently waterproof GORE-TEX fabric Jupiter 5F gloves for firefighters are impress with their outstanding dexterity and best protective properties. The high-quality, fire-resistant Aramid/LenzingTM FR outer fabric offers excellent fire resistance, the coated Kevlar® knuckle protector provides effective protection against abrasion and heat.

The palm made of Nomex®/Kevlar® with PROmarble coating (granite-silicone-carbon) offers maximum protection and grip on smooth and wet surfaces and boasts the best abrasion resistance.

Due to the revolutionary, multilayer cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP, the Jupiter 5F boasts high performance protection against cuts (palm: Performance level 5F, back of palm: Performance level 4) and sharp edges as well as additional heat protection on the back of the palm. The sophisticated, adjustable single-strap system is used to ensure secure fixing, which enables the glove to be worn over a jacket (Jupiter 5F, long cuff) or under a jacket (Jupiter-E 5F, knitted cuff).

All mechanical and thermal maximum values were achieved both in a new condition and after pretreatment consisting of 20 washes at 60 °C. The inner lining is incorporated and the insert is attached and connected to the outer shell in line with the proven method patented by ESKA in order to permanently prevent the lining from being inadvertently pulled out.

The anatomical, layered 3D cut is adjusted to the natural posture of our hands, to guarantee the best possible fit and freedom of movement. We use only European materials, which undergo strict quality control in Austria. The gloves for firefighters are available in red and black and in versions with a long cuff (model Jupiter 5F) or with a 100% Kevlar® knitted cuff (model Jupiter-E 5F).

Technology & Material

  • PROmarble coating
  • Kevlar®
  • Nomex®
  • Ergonomic 3D cut
  • Cut-resistant lining

Material structure

Nomex® / Kevlar®, PROmarble coating

Kevlar®/PROmarble knuckle protection, Aramid/LenzingTM FR


Cut-resistant lining made of Kevlar®/Inox/LCP, 100% Kevlar®

Performance levels

  • Certifications EN 659:2003 + A1:2008
  • Abrasion in new condition
  • Abrasion after 20 washes
  • Cut resistance in new condition
  • Cut resistance after 20 washes
  • Tear resistance in new condition
  • Tear resistance after 20 washes
  • Puncture resistance in new condition
  • Puncture resistance after 20 washes
  • Cut resistance TDM in new condition F
  • Cut resistance TDM after 20 washes F
  • EN 407:2020 Burning behaviour
  • Convective heat in new condition 23,3 sec.
  • Convective heat after 20 washes 22,6 sec.
  • Resistance to heat in new condition 26,3 sec.
  • Resistance to heat after 20 washes 25 sec.
  • Contact heat in new condition 20,5 sec.
  • Contact heat after 20 washes 16,4 sec.
  • Glove heat shrinkage 0,0%
  • Dexterity in new condition
  • Dexterity after 20 washes
  • ISO 15383 Water resistance Waterproof

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Jupiter 5F supplied by ESKA Gloves

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