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by Marcus

Jonesco plastic products are leading brands with a high reputation and market share built up over the last 45 years. High quality, durability, competitiveness, service, supply performance and support of a loyal distribution chain have gained this position. Jonesco has a manufacturing plant and logistics warehouse in Preston UK and a further logistics warehouse in Lille, Northern France. Distribution is available in over 42 countries.
Fire and safety products are a key element of the company’s product alongside environmental spill containment, grit bin and commercial vehicle toolboxes and mudguards.
Our popular extensive range is led by the front loading JBWE70.
Cabinets range from 2Kg extinguisher storage to large hose reel and BA cabinets. Most are designed for use on road vehicles and are therefore extremely tough and durable. Top loading versions are available to specifically meet commercial vehicle use. For building use optional alarms may be factory or self-installed. Our tuff polycarbonate windows are moulded into the plastic and waterproof – -a process we developed.


The new single and double flat pack firestands offer ease of transport to the end user and are designed to meet the modern foam and C02 requirements of retail and warehouse environments. These complement our traditional firestand range that means all locations and extinguisher combinations are catered for.
Our new all polyethylene FireKart is ideal for petrol forecourts and building sites as a prime single location for extinguisers, sand and an alarm system that can be linked electronically to others on the site. Designed not to corrode and be usable for a long time unlike some metal units currently made cheaply on the market.

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