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Jolly Wildfire Pro Boot

by Marcus
Jolly Wildfire Pro Boot

Jolly Wildfire Pro Boot supplied by Jolly Safety Footwear

6520 WILDFIRE PRO – Complete boot for wildland fires, forestry workers and rescue services

  • Good stability both for walking and running
  • Excellent grip on uneven grounds
  • Upper designed with height and closure suitable for use in combination with specific trousers for protection from the possible entry of ticks or other insects
  • Upper of suede leather, black, water repellent treated and with excellent breathability (water vapor permeability is 600% better than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 5.4.6 requirement)
  • Lining CROSSTECH® excellent to make a durable barrier against blood and body fluids and a breathable moisture barrier
  • High level of tear resistance of the upper leather (150% higher than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 5.4.3 requirement)
  • Ankle protection and abrasion resistant rubber banding
  • Extremely comfortable for long-day usage
  • High quality materials for a long-lasting boot
  • Outsole resistant to fuel oil, heat and flame resistant, slip resistance SRC, high energy absorption in the heel area
  • The sole bonding strength is 100% higher than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 requirement
  • The heat insulation (radiant heat test) is 60% higher than the European Standard EN 15090 6.3.2 requirement

Suede leather (Perwanger), waterproofed, black, 2.4-2.6 mm thick.

Very light safety toecap 200J made out of composite material based on reinforced fiberglass. Asymmetric with supporting base, manufactured and tested according to the Standard EN 12568:2010. It is positioned between the leather upper and the lining and cannot be removed without damaging the whole boot. A soft padding on the upper edge of the cap protects the feet while flexing.

Heel Cap
1.8 mm resinated synthetic bonded fabric, thermally mouldable, glued to upper material.

Abrasion resistant and flame-proof rubber mixture, black, 1.8 mm thick, glued to the upper leather using special PU cement.

Ankle protection
Heat moulded material combined with a special padding with high shock-absorbing properties.

Sewing thread
Kevlar® Filament, permanent flame-retardant, black.

Meta-Aramid filament (Nomex®) flat laces, black/silver, water-repellent treated.

CE certificate
EN 15090:2012 F2A HI3 CI AN SRC Category III P.P.E

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Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot supplied by Jolly Safety Footwear

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