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Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot

by Greg Preston
Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot

Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot Supplied by Jolly Safety Footwear

The Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot 9016/A-C has a full grain bovine leather, water-repellent, thickness 2.0 – 2.2 mm upper and a top collar of aniline-tanned soft leather, thickness 1.0 – 1.1 mm, padded with special foams to improve comfort.

  • Fire-fighters boot
  • High visibility PPE
  • Light and flexible
  • Excellent fit, thanks to the internal elastic band that prevents the foot from coming out of the shoe.
  • Good stability while walking and running.
  • Toe-cap
  • Backstrap to facilitate foot insertion.
  • Excellent grip on uneven grounds and stairs (the sole’s duration is 40% longer than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 5.8.3 requirement)
  • Extremely comfortable, can be used the whole day long (leather breathability is 400% better than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 5.4.6 requirement).
  • Outsole resistant to fuel, oil, heat and flame
  • Good waterproofing.
  • Excellent materials for extended duration.
  • The sole’s glueing is 30% stronger than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 requirement.
  • The penetration resistance of the bottom is 50% higher than the European Standard EN ISO 20345 6.2.1 requirement
  • The heat insulation is 10% higher than the European Standard EN15090 6.3.1 requirement (sandbath test) and 40% higher than the European Standard EN 15090 6.3.2 requirement (radiant heat)
  • Shock absorption at the heel is 80% better than required in the European Standard EN ISO 20345 6.2.4 requirement.


The Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot is anatomically shaped, made out of a layer of moisture transmitting felt (80% PES- 20% VISCOSA), and with an upper covering made of anti abrasion non woven material 100% PA. In the heel area is positioned an insert of EVA foam for the best comfort of the foot enabling to preserve the foot anatomy and to increase the energy absorption on the heel.


Average 8 mm thick insole made by a multilayer construction using special antiperforation composite textile material “Zero mm Perforation” at 1100 Newton according to Standard EN 12568:2010, with a plastic reinforcement as stabilizer and completed with a felt filler on the bottom. Textile antiperforation insoles, compared to the old style metal plates, offer considerable ergonomics and safety advantages: more protective surface, flexibility, insulation, moisture absorption, reduced weight.


The Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot has a nitrile rubber cemented sole, heat resistant at 300°C, antistatic, oil and petrol resistant, high wear-resistant, slip-resistant SRC. Self-cleaning and foreign objects + debris free granted by the peculiar structure of cleats and running surface. The high energy absorption in the heel area is given by the rubber compound of the outsole, by the height and shape of its cleats. The height and shape of its inner net, with air cushion, improve both shock absorbing but also thermal properties.

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Jolly Firefighter Evo Boot supplied by Jolly Safety Footwear

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