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JOIFF Industrial Fire Hazard Management Conference

by Marcus
Fire & Explosion Hazard Management Conference Featured ImageFire & Explosion Hazard Management Conference Featured Image

The JOIFF Industrial Fire Hazard Management Conference and JOIFF AGM takes place in 2021.

The conference is designed to provide High Risk Fire & Explosion Hazard Management specialists from around the world the opportunity to listen, discuss and network with the worlds foremost experts and specialist speakers on F.E.H.M. Pre Preparedness.

The protracted economic downturn and a ‘lower for longer’ oil price environment means business sustainability is seriously under threat and requires transformation.

Operating as they always have is no longer is an option for businesses looking to the future. Organisations which do not embrace disruptive and diverse technologies will fall behind their peers. Early adopters and developers – the agile businesses of the future are more likely to survive.

This, added to the reduction in capital available for new assets and the pressure to increase operational life expectancies of existing plant, creates a perfect storm.

Organisations require a ‘phase change’ in culture both at an organisation level but more importantly at a personnel level. People will be part of the future business but they will also be impacted by these changes. Without full cooperation of the workforce all working toward a common goal the organisation is vulnerable to blockers (mainly in middle management positions) and you’re heading the way of the dinosaurs.

This conference addresses head-on some of these important topics and will strive to address these under the following headings: –

Prevention – Out Engineer – Inherently Safe Design
Protection – Fixed protection with minimum human intervention
Preparedness – Fire Hazard Analysis, Credible Scenario development; Risk Assessments & Reduction Options
Response – Implementation, Test & Exercise, Maintain & Review. Training based on credible scenarios identified (not only fire service response, but also Operations/Maintenance response to make plants safe during incidents)
Recovery – Predetermine critical components with long lead times to get back to production as soon as possible and reduce losses.

You will find information on the speakers, subjects and schedule plus of course details on the venue and the event registration forms. (Numbers are limited, so register early to ensure your place)

From Industries Involved:

– Ministries of Interior
– Civil Defence Departments
– Government Authorities and Regulators
– Local Municipalities
– Industrial and Free Zone Authorities
– Airport and Port Authorities
– Architects and Design Consultants
– Oil and Gas Companies
– Utility Companies
– Manufacturing Companies
– Warehousing Facilities
– Real Estate Developers
– Construction Companies
– Other related industries

Who Should Attend Fire & Explosion Hazard Management Conference:

– Fire Engineers
– Fire Safety Consultants / Analysts
– Fire Risk Consultants / Analysts
– Emergency Services Personnel
– HSEQ Managers
– Risk Managers
– Emergency Response Personnel
– Security Managers
– Operations Managers

Information about the Organisers

Organiser and Primary Stake Holder of the International Fire & Explosion Hazard Management Conference, JOIFF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills and understanding of emergency response personnel who respond to incidents primarily in High Hazard Industry.

ISTC was founded in 2000 and registered as a college in 2012. The International Safety Training College currently operates two leading centres in Malta and Libya which provide consultancy and training to the highest professional standards in fire fighting, emergency response, disaster management, offshore and marine survival, fire safety, health & safety and first aid. ISTC is Malta’s pre-eminent training centre focusing upon emergency response, disaster management, health, safety and the environment.

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