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Jing-Tung Fire Fighting Co. Ltd

by Marcus

Professional planning, designing, manufacturing, testing, assembling, wholesaling and retailing of all kinds of fire-fighting and safety equipments and components.
Design, manufacture, wholesale and retail of all kinds of fire-fighting vehicles and vehicles for special purpose.
Export and import of all kinds of business listed above.
Company Mission
Responsibility:The core value of Jing-Tung is responsibility. We build every single vehicle; finish every single case and satisfy every single customer with credibility and responsibility. What’s more, Jing-Tung provides the safest as well as the best services to the society.
Jing-Tung owns its own designers and manufacturing factory. We build every single vehicle with the most professional design and skills. Ensuring that we deliver the highest quality products and the best services to our clients is crucial for us. Therefore, we provide a professional training on our products to our customers and users such as fire fighters. The profession of Jing-Tung is not only practice in products but also in services and skills translation.
We are continuously seeking innovations and inventions under current skills. Jing-Tung are perusing for innovations not only in our products but also in our manufacturing processes and corporate management. We expect ourselves to provide the most environmental friendly and the most well-founded services to exceed ourselves and our competitors.
Company Vision
Sustainability:The vision of Jing-Tung is to create a sustainable business. To reach that goal we believe the only way is holding a serious and responsible attitude to face every production and to provide the most suitable products and services for our clients. Finally yet importantly, we think innovatively in order to breakthrough any problems, obstacles and challenges that the business might present to us on a day-to-day basis.

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