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by Marcus

JGB supplies every style of industrial, hydraulic and stainless steel braided metal hose and fittings to the commercial business sector. JGB handles several major US brands of hose and fittings that allow our customers to choose the brands they prefer.
Because major corporations are often required to use several vendors due to specific product limitations, we can frequently provide our customers a single source for MRO/OEM hose and fitting requirements.
Our $2.4 million inventory of roughly 200K hose and fitting SKU’s practically guarantees same day shipping, the facilitation of just-in-time services, and greatly reduces the frequency of back orders. JGB also provides Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), whereby our sales personnel will manage customer inventories, via bar code scanners or bin label systems, on an as-needed basis at customer sites.
National Inside Sales
Since 1986, JGB has made a conscious effort to serve our national customer base. Our inbound/outbound call center focuses on these specific niche markets:
– Snow Making Hose
– HAM-LET Valves & Fittings
– Pressure Wash Industry
– Petroleum Hose Products
– Airless Paint Spray
– Sanitary Food and Dairy Assemblies
– Rental and Construction Trade
– Hyspan Ball Joints
– Waterblast
– Fire Protection Market
– PG Hose Assemblies
JGB has carefully researched these markets to learn what customers need most and the best way to satisfy that need. The most common assemblies in each market are stocked in large quantities to allow for same day shipment on orders placed by 3:30 pm Eastern Time.

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