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by Marcus

For more than 115 years, J.A. Becker & Sons has been an established partner for industry and manufacturers.
Together with its 150 staff members, J.A. Becker & Sonsy supplies its customers with the most modern solutions in the range of compressed air and elevating technologies.
Our product range includes piston compressors from 40 to 350 bar for the compression of air and other gases as well as the whole range of compressed air treatment.
The main emphasis in the production of lifting units focuses on hydraulic lifts for the repair and service work on passenger and utility cars and rail-driven vehicles. Furthermore, we offer individual solutions for specific problems.
The flexibility of a medium sized company in combination with high quality requirements, customer orientated planning, development and production and a complete range of services ensures that J.A. Becker & Sons is a qualified partner for a wide range of customers worldwide.
J.A. Becker & Sons started as a workshop, founded in 1897 by Jacob August Becker. He executed metal work for local industry.
As early as at the beginning of the last century, the company started with the serial production of screws for the manufacturers of wood processing plants. Only a few years later, the original supplied parts had turned into complete individual products: fruit and grape presses.
During the late 1920s, hydraulic pressure was used to replace mechanical screws. From then on, it was only a short step from using hydraulic power not only for pressing, but also for lifting. At the beginning of the 1930s, the company thus started to manufacture the typical products of today.

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