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Inventing a Fire Hose Roller

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Inventing a Fire Hose Roller

Inventing a Fire Hose Roller

Frans Theuws talks about his story and how he invented the BRIK-1 fire hose roller.

I was born on the 15th of January 1955, in Bergeijk, a small town near Eindhoven.

For over 20 years I have worked as a metal worker at Philips High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, where I have made several prototypes for their research.

This is where my interest for the Fire Brigade sparked first. Initially I wanted to join the Police Force, but my wife did not like that idea.

In 1981 I joined the voluntary Fire Brigade of Philips where I took my first Fire Brigade course.

Since this became a passion of mine, I decided to join the local Fire Brigade in Bergeijk as a volunteer.

There I developed my skills and career further by following multiple courses. Here I made my first auxiliary tool to make it easier to roll up the steel wire rope from a wire rope hoist.

This was previously done inside an empty car tire, which I found highly unpractical.

In hindsight could this be my first national success, but I decided it was good enough at the moment for only my local Brigade, so they could have a tool to make their work easier.

I have been active for many years as a commander/driver, pump attendant, instructor, examiner and planner of fire brigade competitions and the technical assistance of First Aid.

As an instructor I know that many new firefighters dislike the practice of rolling out fire hoses and rolling them up.

Not only the new, but also the elder firefighters weren’t a fan of this.

Yet it took until the end of my firefighting career before found a solution.

A colleague of mine showed me some movies on YouTube of several devices to roll up fire hoses.

This triggered me to invent the BRIK-1, an improved version of a hose roller.

Inventing a Fire Hose Roller

It had to work with simpler, with less wear of the equipment and without having to drain the hose first.

And so, the idea was born, and the first prototype showed positive results after 6 weeks of testing.

I was so impressed that I showed my prototype under confidentiality obligation to a few Officers in my region.

They were just as impressed and encouraged me to take the BRIK-1 to the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven to develop it further.

It was so well received they opted to make it a 20 weeklong project for 24 graduation students at the university.

The university has lots of foreign students from Asia and this made me doubt that my idea was not safe. By the time the 20 weeks were over the product could already be on the market in Asia.

I let this idea pass and developed it further on my own.

With the realization I could have a great product i made the decision to patent it.

It took around 4 years all together to finish my product and get approval on a European patent.

The BRIK-1 is light, it only weighs 18kg (around 39lbs).

It has lighting so you can roll up hoses in the dark.

It is foldable, so it will fit in the trunk of almost any car. It does not have to be mounted on a firetruck because it is used after a fire.

It is controlled by an impact resistant remote and can be operated by one person.

You can roll up 1,5”, 2” and 3” hoses, single or double folded. The width is adjustable within a few seconds. The battery is efficient and can roll up 50 hoses of 20 meter (around 65 feet).

I also made a heavier version, the BRIK-2 which can roll up 3” and 4” hoses.

To see my device in operation, visit my website https://tft-theuws.com/ or my LinkedIn page

I am still really enthusiastic about my product, and I hope I can convince many people to work with the BRIK-1, my ergonomic roll up system.

I am convinced this is the best system in the world that is currently available for sale.

Written by Frans Theuws

For more information visit https://tft-theuws.com.

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