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Introducing the future of rescue operations: The advanced next-gen Pentheon Series

by Marcus
Introducing the future of rescue operations

Introducing the future of rescue operations: The advanced next-gen Pentheon Series

Holmatro is proud to announce the launch of the next-gen Pentheon Series, marking a significant evolution in rescue tools technology. The new tools inherit the trusted Pentheon features of speed, control and easy battery management that have transformed the landscape of rescue operations since their launch in 2020. The next-gen series further elevates this legacy, offering unrivaled performance, superior usability, advanced connectivity, and exceptional serviceability.

Unparalleled speed for faster rescue operations

The next-gen series introduces a dual-mode operation, featuring a reduced speed training/demo mode alongside the high-speed Pentheon mode. The reduced speed setting is ideal for training scenarios, ensuring safety and skill development. The Pentheon mode provides full-speed operation for swift extrication in rescue situations.

Guaranteed maximum power across the tool’s lifespan

A significant advancement in the next-gen series is the guaranteed maximum power throughout the tool’s entire lifespan. This is achieved through electronic motor control and pressure monitoring, ensuring that Pentheon tools maintain consistent performance over time.

Enhanced safety with continuous visual monitoring

The next-gen tools are equipped with LED indicators that provide immediate feedback on battery state of charge and health, as well as tool and battery temperature. Additionally, service alerts ensure that rescuers are always aware of the tool’s readiness and operational status.

Introducing the future of rescue operations

Improved communication during operations

The new series features a redesigned drive system that operates at a lower sound level, enabling clearer communication during rescue operations. This not only facilitates team coordination but also helps in reducing the stress levels of patients at the scene.

Advanced connectivity with real-time tool insights

The next-gen Pentheon Series integrates Bluetooth connectivity and the intuitive MyHolmatro app, transforming mobile devices into tool extensions. First responders can access real-time tool diagnostics, monitor battery and tool conditions, and ensure their equipment is ready for any challenge.

Unmatched uptime with effortless tool maintenance

Serviceability is paramount in the next-gen Pentheon equipment, with easy maintenance and monitoring features. The MyHolmatro app facilitates an automated comprehensive Pentheon Self Check, assessing the tool’s drive system, speed, pressure, and battery health. This feature is instrumental in keeping the tools ready for immediate use, reducing downtime and enhancing reliability.

A commitment to excellence and innovation

The next-gen Pentheon Series is more than just a set of tools; it’s a commitment to providing first responders with the most advanced and safe equipment available. Miles ahead in terms of technology and performance, the new series empowers first responders with tools that are not only powerful and efficient but also intuitive and reliable under any condition.

About Holmatro

Holmatro, renowned for its high-quality rescue tools, continues to lead the industry with its innovative solutions. Dedicated to helping first responders save lives, Holmatro combines cutting-edge technology with practical design to create equipment that sets new standards in rescue operations.

For detailed information and demonstrations, visit holmatro.com/pentheon or contact our authorized dealers.

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