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Introducing LUKAS e3 CONNECT

by Marcus

Introducing LUKAS e3 CONNECT

IDEX FIRE & SAFETY have launched the new LUKAS e3 CONNECT at INTERSCHTZ 2022 on its community booth in Hall 27 in Hannover.

Another successful INTERSCHUTZ for IDEX FIRE & SAFETY which saw live product demonstrations and training sessions with special guests.

Highlights included the LUKAS RESCUE LEAGUE with special guests Jason Defosse and Marco Pannhausen which featured interactive hybrid programs and LUKAS live training sessions.


LUKAS e3 CONNECT features smart sensors and IoT-exchange with the Captium service platform. With technical reports, safety analyses and the full overview of all devices. For more operational readiness – than ever before.

LUKAS e3 CONNECT Features:

Rescue work is now also possible in salt water up to a depth of 3 m.

A scale shows in which pressure range the tool is during work.

Roll Warning
An indicator light warns of incorrect handling of the rescue tool.

The temperature indicator warns of overheating of the unit in case of extreme load.

For even faster work, the e3 series has a turbo function.

The rescue tool gives the user feedback about the current remaining capacity of the battery.

Star Grip
A direction indicator shows whether the unit is opening or closing.

No other control is as easy to use under stress as the star grip. The clear separation of handle and control allows you to work in any position without twisting your wrist. Sensitive control is possible, no matter whether left- or right-handed.

Automatic or manual data transfer to the CaptiumTM service platform.


Other new technology on display at INTERSCHTUZ from LUKAS RESCUE included;

For the optimum cut

LUKAS has significantly optimized and adapted its blade geometry in recent years. Sickle-shaped blades ensure that the material to be cut is completely enclosed by a wide blade opening, which hardly decreases up to the central bolt, in combination with a high blade depth. Cutting can then be done in a single cut. This saves valuable time, as only one cut is necessary instead of two. Safety is also additionally increased because, in contrast to the use of two lateral cuts, the blade tips do not hit the hard material of the B-pillar. Due to the perfect retraction behavior of the optimized blade geometry, the maximum cutting force is achieved by automatically centering the material to be cut.

LUKAS Rescue Battery

The LUKAS rescue batteries are specially developed for use and designed to provide peak performance whenever they have to deliver the required power. LUKAS battery technology works reliably and at a high level: More cells in the battery lead to increased performance, which prevents premature shutdown, but is also essential in extreme situations. There is no loss of performance when the turbo function is switched on or when working in low temperature areas. The LUKAS rescue tools are supplied with a constant energy flow by our batteries, which not only ensures the constant performance of the rescue tool but also extends the life of the battery. A reliable partner when every second counts.


Guaranteed not to be afraid of water!

LUKAS has further developed the range of applications for its rescue equipment and raised the possibilities to a whole new level: Nothing stands in the way of rescuing in, on or under water, and that in fresh and salt water alike. The e3 series has the certified protection class IP58, the matching rescue battery IP68. Rescues in fresh and salt water for up to 60 minutes in 3 m water depth are no longer a problem with the particularly resistant, robust and shock-resistant battery-powered rescue equipment from LUKAS.


German engineering art at its best: The “Shark Tooth” tips not only look like shark teeth – they also grab them like that. Their grip is strong, no slipping on the material is possible anymore! The LUKAS “Shark-Tooth” Tips therefore offer invaluable help to lifesavers in all important rescue work: spreading, cutting and pulling at the highest level.

The trick behind the monster bite: German engineering. It is the ingenious design of the “Shark-Tooth” tips that enables their maximum performance: the 3-row arrangement of the shark teeth made of steel.

For more information visit lukas.com/en

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