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by Marcus
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Interspiro AB has 90 years of experience as a groundbreaking innovator of respiratory protection for non-breathable environments. We develop, manufacture and market respiratory and auxiliary equipment for firefighting, work in hazardous environments and professional diving. Interspiro AB is an Ocenco group company. The Ocenco group ranks among the World’s largest respiratory protection companies

Interspiro AB’s strategic business areas are Firefighting, Diving and Maritime/Industrial. Interspiro AB is a supplier of respiratory protection to fire and rescue services, defence/military organisations, industries, utilities, shipping, offshore and diving companies all around the World

Our breathing apparatus has an outstanding reputation for reliability and performance. This is accomplished with innovative technical solutions and by applying the highest standards of quality to all parts of the value chain. Our innovation pedigree includes many technology milestones now considered to be standards in the industry

INTERSPIRO is a company group with the main office located in Stockholm, Sweden. Located at the Stockholm facilities are Research and Development, Product Management, Marketing, Quality and Finance. INTERSPIRO has own sales companies located in the Austria, Germany, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA. The sales and service organisation is organised with a global network of distributors and agents.

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