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INTERSCHUTZ 2026 about the future of hazard prevention

by IvyFPS
INTERSCHUTZ 2026 about the future of hazard prevention

Emergencies, natural disasters, crises, and military conflicts: experts say that efficient civil protection can only be ensured if fire services, emergency and disaster response services cooperate even more closely at the international and interdisciplinary levels – reason enough for Safeguarding tomorrow to have been selected as the motto of INTERSCHUTZ 2026. The world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety & security aims to motivate everyone actively involved in those sectors to focus even more strongly on topics such as innovation, foresight, and cooperation.

“Innovation means, for example, the handling and use of artificial intelligence (AI),” says Bernd Heinold, INTERSCHUTZ Project Manager at Deutsche Messe. “Foresight means thinking ahead and in scenarios, so that all protective measures and preparations for tomorrow can be taken right now today.” And cooperation is the key that enables individual measures to coalesce into the greater whole, he adds.

Heinold emphasizes that close networking of all players in hazard prevention is one of the essential prerequisites for coping with future challenges and ever-changing requirements.

For more information, visit www.interschutz.de.

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