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Interior Live Fire Training Equipment

by Marcus

Interior Live Fire Training Equipment from Crofton Engineering who supply and install modern training buildings and simulators.

Crofton Engineering have commissioned their brand new live fire training building at the Blue Light Hub in Milton Keynes with LPG props supplied by Fire Blast GMBH.

  • All designs meet DIN and NFPA
  • Props are interchangeble
  • Durable designs for a long lifetime
  • Thermal Output of up to 4,4 MBTU
  • Designed for use with LPG and Natural Gas

Water Based Smoke Machine

  • Will discharge 1,700 m3/Minute

“The new live fire building at the Blue Light Hub is a first-class example of how fire services are designing the latest training buildings to provide a wide range of realistic and challenging scenarios,” says Glen Godfrey, director of Crofton Engineering. “With increasing collaboration and training together among the emergency services and other rescue organisations, the Blue Light Hub will offer state-of-the-art facilities for joint training in live fire, USAR and much more.”

For more information visit www.crofton-eng.co.uk/

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