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Interior Fire Training Props

by Marcus
Interior Fire Training Props

Interior Fire Training Props Supplied by Crofton Engineering

Fireblast’s interior fire training props deliver the realism sought after in an advanced fire training program. From realistic home and office burn props, to highly specialized environments such as mine fire training, there is not one environment that Fireblast Global can’t simulate. Moreover, Fireblast also offers fire events such as rollovers that can be used in addition to our fire training props to provide the most advanced fire training simulation available today.

Interior Fire Training Props include but are not limited to:

Kitchens/Stove Tops
Hallway/Room Rollovers

For control, we offer three diverse interior live fire training operating systems that will convert the basic training center into an advanced life safety learning environment. Each system includes an advanced human machine interface designed to deliver high resolution, sharp clarity and excellent readability. Each of our HMI displays feature multifunction windows, and a menu driven interface with control devices. Several features are integrated as standard equipment throughout all of the Soaring Series systems, with each offering growth potential, flexibility and operational freedom that provide a whole new level of control.

Standard Features:

Smoke distribution system
Compliant safety systems
Flame spread capabilities
Fire extension capabilities
Flashover capabilities
Wireless control
Data logging
Run counters and timers

Remote Access Management:

Remote Access Management (RAM) is a complete service connection reporting tool available on select systems. No other information system gives service personnel so much detail of an operating system or the components they operate. In addition, system administrators have full transparency to their operators, systems and events anytime, anywhere. This access control monitoring includes new and existing services such as real time data observation of all operational components, and the capability to upload software improvements to the unit from a remote location. RAM offers a proactive approach to preventative maintenance, and continuous product improvement.

Standard Remote Access Features:

PLC status reporting
Computer maintenance diagnostic
Remote recording and viewing
Wireless network integration
Remote software downloading
Service data uploading
Progressive run timers and counters
Trends and archives
Alarm history
Configuration access

Interior Fire Training Props include the following:

Control Panel
Bed Prop
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Prop
Mobile Control Panel
Desk Prop Extension Fire
Control System
Mine Training
Hallway Rollover Simulator
Room Rollover Simulator
Smoke Distribution

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Interior Fire Training Props supplied by Crofton Engineering

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