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by Marcus

Since 28-12-1989, Int. Security and Safety Systems-ISS has been serving industrial, commercial, government and oil & gas sites in the field of fire and security systems as specialized contractor and agent for many international firms.
2001, ISS opens its manufacturing facility, located in AL OBOUR city, provides blending foam concentrates; packaging of Egyptian civil defense and NRC approved fire pumps, CO2/Dry powder systems assembly and piping fabrication for firefighting systems.
2003, ISS under license from Chemguard-USA has been awarded the first UL approval in Egypt & Africa on blending AFFF & AR-AFFF foam concentrates.
2006, Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001:2000.
2011, ISS has signed an OEM agreement with EPE (Ebara pump Europe) and PTEI (PT Ebara Indonesia) to assemble their quality pumps in Egypt and to submit for getting the UL/FM approval.
2012, ISS with the cooperation of EPE & PTEI has been approved to package UL/FM fire pumps in Egypt, All UL/FM Fire Pumps are assembled in full compliance with NFPA-20.
ISS has association member ship of the NFPA , Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001  .
ISS are the sole agent and distributor of the following international companies :
Int. Security and Safety Systems-ISS are specialized in :
1.    Fire & gas detection systems.
2.    Fire Fighting systems
3.    Manufacture of UL/FM fire pumps.
4.    Manufacture UL foam concentrates.
5.    Manufacture of Fire fighting products such as
(bladder tanks , foam chambers , foam carts, hose cabinets,…etc.)
6.    Turn key Fire Fighting projects

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