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Innovations for Rescue Out of Buildings

by Marcus
Innovations for rescue out of buildings

Many new innovations for rescue out of buildings were presented at the INTERSCHUTZ 2010 exhibition in Leipzig.

On the open-air exhibition ground there was an especially impressive new development shown. It was here that the German manufacturer Vetter presented its safety cushion for the rescue of persons from heights up to 60 m.

As a complete supplier in the field of emergency pneumatics, Vetter has worked on product development for over 40 years in close cooperation with fire services and aid organizations. On the one hand this concerns material and technology – in order that the equipment optimally functions – and on the other hand the adjustment of products to the requirements of rescue teams – with respect to intuitive handling.

Innovations for rescue out of buildings

Image: Innovations for Rescue Out of Buildings

Well conceived safety cushions for different heights

Rescue safety cushions are used in fires or other emergency situations in multi-story buildings or when ladder vehicles are unable to get near the accident scene! For jump heights of up to 16 m and 25 m Vetter offers cushion sizes which can be erected quickly by two persons using a compressed air bottle. The optical design of the safety cushions is based on the psychological perceptions which reduce the fear of jumping using colours (blue) and symbols (circle). In order to achieve optimum visibility in fading light the SP 16 is now supplied with fluorescent yellow side walls.

Innovations for rescue out of buildings

Image: Innovations for Rescue Out of Buildings

Rescue from especially high buildings

With the newly introduced SP 60 Vetter meets the requirements for even higher inner city buildings. It is able to catch people jumping from heights of 60 meters, which correspond to about 25 floors, on its 8.5 x 6.5 meter landing surface due to the innovative double chamber system. After erection with permanent blowers in only 80 seconds, the cushion just needs a recovery time of 20 seconds in order to be ready for the next jump. Inspection according to DIN for cushion rescue equipment guarantees optimum reliability of the safety cushion.

Increased safety by material quality, processing and technology

Whether it be a double chamber system for optimum impact delay or bottoms without open seams to avoid friction damage – with well conceived features, Vetter cushions are developed for the most rugged operational situations. With a new universal valve protector, Vetter now offers a solution to avoid uncontrolled opening of bottle valves during vibrations. It fits on all formats of compressed air bottle having a collar diameter of 27-30 mm and assures that the hand wheel of the bottle is secured against vibrations and that safe transport as well as storage is guaranteed.

More information can be obtained on our website under: www.vetter.de

The complete rescue products catalogue can be requested by calling +49 (0)2252 / 3008-60.

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