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Ingress Protection Explained

by Marcus
Ingress Protection Explained

What is Ingress Protection?

The Ingress Protection Code, also know as simply IP Code, is a ratings system developed and maintained by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which is an international standards organisation that prepares and publishes international standards for electrical, electronic and other related technologies. IP ratings are used to rate the degree of protection or sealing effectiveness in enclosures against the intrusion of objects such as water or dust.

The IP Code comes in a standard format with the letters “IP” followed by two digits, each corresponding to the level of protection against solids and liquid ingress.

Ingress Protection Explained

Ingress Protection Chart

As stated previously, the first digit in the IP Code indicates the degree of protection that an enclosure provides against the ingress of solid foreign objects as well as the level of access to hazardous parts such as electrical conductors and moving parts.

Ingress Protection Explained

Also discussed above, the second digit indicates the degree of protection that an enclosure provides against harmful ingress of liquids such as water.

Ingress Protection Explained

What does Ingress Protection have to do with Peli?

Peli Products is the global leader in the manufacture of both high-performance cases and advanced lighting systems. Peli cases, are the ideal solution to accommodate all types of different equipment due to its IP67 rated watertight and dustproof enclosures. Additionally, they are highly impact-resistant and can take repeated drops, blows and have even been known to be able to withstand the weight of a car without being crushed.

In addition to Peli’s cases, Peli also produces a wide range of impact-resistant lighting products, such as torches, headlamps and work lights. The vast majority of these lights are rated according to the Ingress Protection standards from IP54 to IPX7, meaning they are all watertight and in some cases also dustproof, so you’ll never have to worry about working with your Peli light into the harshest environments.

the PELI 9490 Remote Area Lighting System is engineered with a multi-position deployable mast that telescopes up to 183 cm (72”), and a maintenance-free LED array with a life expectancy of over 50.000 hours.

Also Peli Remote Area Lighting systems (RALS) bring fully portable, powerful, energy-efficient and rechargeable lighting* to remote areas, confined spaces and large workspaces without the use of a generator.

To find out more about Peli’s cases, download a free guide.

Likewise, if you’d like to know more about Peli’s lighting products, click to get a free guide on Peli lights.

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