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Inflatable Stretcher

by Marcus

Sava inflatable stretcher is designed for use under all circumstances including water rescue and provides total safety and protection of the wounded during a rescue action ashore, on the ice, in the water or air.

The compact design assures simple loading in a vehicle, a boat, a helicopter or a plane. The stretcher is made from an airtight impregnated nylon fabric of high wear resistance. It is equipped with an inlet valve, safety valve, inflatable mattress, waterproof and zipper cover, rapid deployable tie-down straps, footloops, adjustable head and neck support, lateral handless, lifting rings for the helicopter, pulling handles and a repair kit.

The stretcher is inflated with a hand pump and ready for use in only three minutes.

Tehnical data:

Code Lenght Width Height Pressure Weight
m m m bar kg
524533 2.40 0.70 0.33 0.3 14
Dimensions folded Package dimension
m m
0.80×0.58×0.22 0.82×0.60×0.31

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